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We coach web design and computer skills

We can support you…

One-on-one tutorials

Treat one solution at a time; develop a robust intuition for solving design problems.

Task by task guidance

Accomplish real work, picking up handy tips and philosophy along the way. Learning task by task will stick with you; we will co-develop your website or collaborate to work through your project.

Serious web design students

Follow a logical course, using the current version of Adobe Dreamweaver and guided by a good third-party text. In the past, we have used the “Missing Manual” series. Online Adobe tutorials and Adobe Dreamweaver Forums introduce additional means of self-learning. Get familiar with the online Dreamweaver community, and contribute your own questions and answers!


  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word

Adobe Dreamweaver:
our web-editing tool of choice

Whether you are putting together a website, learning HTML, or just getting your feet wet with Cascading Style Sheets, Adobe Dreamweaver’s code coloring, design tools, and site file management will ease the way.

Adobe Fireworks
without the sparks and loud booms

Optimizing images and working with effects filters and methods is best done with this application, created for web images. Creating a "Working" file of original images will preserve them for future use as source for website images.

Do you want some help with MS Word or MS Excel?

We’re happy to work through a layout or format issue in Word, or a data problem in Excel. Office products can be valuable tools as you develop your web content and convey your needs and ideas to your web designer, site maintenance crew, and other stakeholders in your web project.