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Editing Services

Web Content Editing

Your message must instantly appeal to the viewer. Expect to work through several drafts of your content. When you need help sorting it out, call us!

We can help at any point in your content development process, from copyediting to a thoughtful content edit.


  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Content editing
  • Style Markup


Code editing = site maintenance.
We do time and fee-based local style clean up and translation to cascading style sheets.

Checklist final

  • Outline your content first
  • Note images and links on your outline
  • Each topic needs its own page
  • Use the keywords your viewers will use when they search for your services
  • Edit, edit, edit
  • Short words, short sentences
  • Good paragraphing
  • If you don’t own the images, don’t use them

«— «— «— Checklist step 2

  • Move the content around in your outline until it makes sense
  • Consider a logical order for your menus
  • Answer your viewer’s questions in your text
  • Focus your topics
  • Sure, you call it a tomahto, but what does your viewer call it?
  • Omit needless words (thank you, Strunk & White)
  • Be concise but not confusing
  • New topic; new paragraph
  • If you don’t own the images, don’t use them

«— «— «— Checklist step 1

  • Write out everything you want to include in your content
  • Collect all your images and ideas for images
  • Make an outline, noting images and links
  • Each main head in the outline should be a page of its own
  • Think of all the keywords you can that apply to your services
  • Be sure to differentiate your services from your competitors’ services
  • Edit down to advertising style
  • Long words might confuse; long sentences, too
  • Don’t run on and on and on
  • If you don’t own the images, don’t use them